Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Being the I.T. Girl

In my first major project since becoming full-time I.T. for my main job, I may have over-scheduled myself.

Basically, I have left time for a day of doctor appointments in two weeks and then two weeks after that, I've penciled myself in for finally getting a moment to just opening cry.

My goal for the month leading up to my conference at the beginning of October was to get to the final day of the conference and then I would be free to cry.

Somehow, I've managed to hang onto not crying. It's very new to me. But I still desperately need it frequently. Just about any time I'm at any of my jobs or in front of a computer, I feel a underlying desire to just weep and finally release everything I have been holding in.

I basically will have that chance... just in time for the holiday season to go full blast.

I still haven't figured out when I'm going to sleep or take care of my leg, however. One luxury at a time.

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