Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Male Lead Character, You'll Be A Woman Soon...

I've been outlining a story for a screenplay for a couple weeks now, and it was really flying. I was reaching the homestretch for outlining and almost ready to start really working on the script. I was really excited because the story wasn't running away with the plot, it was working in the way I had hoped it would, and I was restraining any overly crazy whims that came along. It was a small story and staying small. It was bittersweet but had some funny moments. It was going to require a giant budget for music rights if it ever saw the light of day.

And then I paused on it for a few days, because life got busy and I was just a little bit stuck on a big revelation for one of the characters. Then, yesterday, I was in my car and thinking about it and suddenly realized what the problem was.

I need to turn my male lead character into a woman. It makes the dynamic with the existing female lead character so much more impactful and meaningful.

But, dammit, I had a specific actor in mind and everything for that role!

Also... hello, internet! You have no idea how many unfinished draft posts I have started since I last successfully posted to this website! I'm still here! just not good at finishing things.

And now I need to think about everything that will change now that I'm writing a story about two women.

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