Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yay, David Tennant's Hair Is FINALLY Back To Normal

Listen, David Tennant has, historically, really great hair. To the point where in the Doctor Who episode "Turn Left", Rose Tyler even describes the tenth Doctor has having "really great hair". Fact. 

So, when six months go by of Mr. Tennant having sub-par hair and there being a lot of pictures of him with such hair, it's sad to see.

But, from the looks of things in the pictures from the Broadchurch 2 cast reading, his hair is finally back in Olympic form. Or, I'm just so hopeful that his hair would be better for the show that I'm seeing fresh layers happening. Either could be true. But I chose to believe that it has been improved.

It may not look like much, but it's a much better cut than what he appeared to be sporting while shooting the American version of the show, Gracepoint. The Gracepoint hair is just so... flat. 

The Gracepoint hair was a bit of a let-down (to me. This is all about me and my opinions of a stranger's hair) when pictures starting being released, as I was hoping for him to have made a bigger improvement from the dark era that involved extensions for Richard II.

 Instead, it appears that they just took the extensions off him and sent him across the world without so much as a maintenance trim. Which was disappointing because his Broadchurch hair was so... nice.

Gah, this post is pathetic. I apologize.

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