Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Feel Like Everyone Missed The Best Lady Friends Movie of 2012...

... Or, at least, I know I almost did! Because I don't think it was in theaters for very long or in wide release.

For A Good Time, Call... is possibly even the best portrayal of girl friendship in over a decade. No, seriously. GO WATCH IT! It's apparently possibly still in theaters in the UK, if you're in that part of the world.

And doesn't pull its punches with how, yes, women have friendships sometimes that are so deeply connected that they are a form of love that rivals romance- without actually being romance. And when those friendships are tested, those break-ups can be so much more painful than losing a romantic partner, as you're losing the person that you go to for talking about your romantic partner- the person that knows all your secrets. The person that you've never had to worry about your looks with. The person that you've never had to pretend with.

Yes, all this is covered in a movie that is about roommates staring a phone sex line. A plot (and R rating) which probably cut the audience short. Which is partially a shame but... it's still a damn good story line. It's fun, it's shown in a new light, and it says something about how women shouldn't be ashamed of their sexuality- whatever form of sexuality they have.

I sure as hell wouldn't have found the movie as funny if it had been about roommates starting up a knitting business. Don't get me wrong, I like knitting, but a sex line was a more amusing A plot.

Hell, the only part of the movie that falls flat is Justin Long's super gay character that seems to exist just to help the two girls and to have scenes with the Miller-Rogan dog. But I'm not even too upset about that, as he serves a purpose and I'm guessing that Lauren Miller & Katie Anne Naylon likely based the character on someone from their real life.

Also, I'm now slightly in love with Ari Graynor. She's just so insanely amazing constantly.

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