Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things I Learned Last Weekend:

1) Disney Scene-It might be too easy of a game in our household.

2) Lilo & Stitch is becoming a lost Disney treasure. Considering the fact that Lilo has been my Facebook avatar for several months now, I'm distressed by this. Therefore, I'm watching the movie while typing this up.

3) Birdemic is still a fantastic movie to watch with others. As you can hold whole conversations while watching it and not miss much. And something hilarious will always happen between conversations. Also: the roommate is amazing as re-enacting the death of the guy in the cowboy hat.

4) Digital 8 tapes have screws tinier than those in eye glasses. How am I supposed to fix a broken old tape if I can't unscrew it's tiny screws?!

5) Most people find my cat fascinating. But only my friends and family feel the need to diagnose my cat with various special needs. I still don't know what this means about me, though.

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