Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Of Course!

I'm almost back! Things are finally calming down at work, so I can maybe come here and post for a moment. However, due to the new office lay-out, I don't feel comfortable writing parts of posts during my breaks anymore. So, all blogging will now be done from home. Considering how a good 70% of this blog is just drafts I never finished, I doubt what everyone else sees here will really change much, though.

However, remember when I wrote that entry raving about the natural vanilla perfume, Lavanilla? And then remember when I said I found out I can't have blueberries- among other things?

Both vanilla and almonds were included in that long list of stuff I can't have. So, now I've lost my lovely perfume.

Anyone have any suggestions for natural perfumes that aren't ridiculously priced and don't have vanilla, lemon, or almond in them?

And does anyone want an almost full roller ball bottle of vanilla forever oil?

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