Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Post-C2E2 Regrouping and Conference Recovery

As my previous two posts might've suggested, C2E2 was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Possibly just too many people. Too big of a crowd. And the fact that I couldn't turn my neck to the left for most of Saturday.

Oh, and the CTA not putting up signs earlier about how they were shutting down the Wells Street bridge as of Friday night. Thanks. That made us a littler crankier than usual.

On some less pop culture-y notes, I'm just going to do a general post-convention wrap up. My job requires me to work at a handful of conferences at convention centers every year and I've gotten so I have a bit of a recovering process when it comes to them.

1) Hydration. Conference centers are very drying. McCormick Place is actually one of the better centers at keeping this from being a problem, though. But it still isn't that great. Also, I was fasting on Friday (I had blood tests done right before walking down the street to hop on the con shuttle) which also resulted in me just not taking much of anything in until later in the day, since water was getting boring fast.

2) Washing the convention grime off of you. This is especially important with comic conventions, folks. ReedPop tried their best to get the word out there to folks that two of the basic steps for going to a con are showering and deodorant but it's not going to reach everyone and those of us that did shower then also end up smelling like the non-showering folks anyway. I was dead on my feet Saturday night but there was no way I was going to bed without at least washing off all the excessive make-up, pollution from my face and plopping on a gentle over-night clarifying mask. I then spent most of Sunday scrubbing and moisturizing every bit of me down to rubbing coconut oil into my toe nails. I started Sunday with a shower and then also ended it with a shower.

When I have work conferences, this is still a must due to how active I am (usually running all over the place all day when no one else is) and end up doing a coconut oil and sugar scrub in the hotel each night to refresh myself.

3) Rest. Maybe you don't need this one as much as I do. But I couldn't turn my neck to the left for most of Saturday, though, and my face was way too tired to emote again for a couple days. Add in the walking to public transportation and either standing in crowded spaces or sitting in crowded spaces- I need to just spend a day in bed and spread out (as much as the cat would let me, that is) and rub out some sore muscles.

4) Space. Holy mother, I need space from people. My senses needed to de-activate a little. I may have spent it listening to Things You Missed in History Class episodes and reading Anne of Green Gables.

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