Thursday, September 5, 2013

And So, Another Stressful Fall Season Begins...

Let's just do a mental dump, shall we?

1. Ugh. End of year reports make me cry. Especially when someone else keeps pulling me away from not doing EOY reports to help translate EOY reports, despite how I am not actually assigned to do them this year.

2. Stoic wrong-doer. That's what I am.

3. I think I have been slowly becoming more evil in effort to balance out the inherit beautiful goodness of the roommate.

4. THIRD JOB! Let's call this situation "Dutch Nile Sickness".

5. The topic of NaNoWriMo came up today and, well, let's look at that whole "you have three jobs" part of my life again. But I have some great ideas.

6. My apartment has been invaded by flies and I can't take it anymore. No more food in the apartment for humans and the cat has been moved back to dry food. I really hope my bed doesn't have poo on it when I get home tonight.

7. If I don't look at my bill calendar- nothing is really due, right?

8. I watched one little editorial review of the VMAs- I didn't even watch them myself, and got that terribly depressing Miley Cyrus song stuck in my head for days. Is she aware of the message that song sends? Is Billy Ray? I'm concerned. I want to give her a sandwich and a hug. And I'm still not convinced that Robin Thicke actually exists and is not some practical joke Alan Thicke is playing on the world.

9. I can't wait for Emma Approved to start on YouTube. It's by the LBD folks. And Emma is my favorite. Aaaand I've started the crazy "fall asleep listening to it on audio-book, keep revisiting the miniseries" thing all over again.

10. At least the Emma anticipation has marked a break in my obsession with shows from New Zealand for a while (seriously, Outrageous Fortune and The Almighty Johnsons are amazing and you should be sad that you have not yet watched them).

11. I'm not allowed to buy new clothes until I first pay off my credit card and have also reached a weight loss milestone. Yes, I'm a ridiculous and cliched girl at times. Sue me.

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