Friday, September 13, 2013

Other Uses For Those Classy Halloween Decorations You Bought This Year...

Etched Antique Mercury Glass Pumpkins
Shaped and etched by "artisans" (much like your average funky loaf of bread), these pumpkins from Pottery Barn are an essentially for any home parties this fall. Classy enough to leave out through Thanksgiving, these "antique mercury washed" decorations may look like they can only be used in festive tableaus with dead leaves and shabby crate platforms, but your guests with gasp with delight when it comes time to turn out the lights and tell scary stories- as the hollow undersides of these glass pumpkins are ideal acoustics for getting a spooky deep echo to even the highest of voices. Just gently hold the pumpkin upside down to your face and let the pumpkin do its thing! A steal, starting at $34.50 for a medium pumpkin.

Buri Fiber "Spooky Creature" Black Owl
This season, West Elm has taken it's fondness for owls to a new level with the "Spooky Creatures" owl decoration. Made from durable buri palm fiber, these little guys may feel like a creepy taxidermy experiment- but you can rest assured that it's all artificial! Standing at an adorable 11 inches high, the owls can be popped into any space in your home that looks like it's just missing a touch of "Is that thing staring at me?"-ness. Or, buy a dozen of them and display them in parliaments to start your own in-home tribute installation to The Birds.

And Speaking of in-home tribute installations to The Birds...

Faux Crows in 3 Styles From Pottery Barn
... One wouldn't be complete without some crows! We all know that crows are a universal symbol for Halloween and you can never have enough faux crows around to celebrate appropriately! And, with the help of three different parts of the Williams-Sonoma family, you can make sure that there is no lack of variety to your crow decorations this fall.

At Pottery Barn alone, you can pick up three different styles of Faux Crows- all make with natural feathers and unnatural styrofoam. When not being used in film tributes, these birds can also be used to disturb the hell out of any child that comes to your house. Make sure to hide a couple in some drawers or in odd corners in your powder room. A warning The Flying Crow has taken off, and is not available online any more. Check with your local store for availability.

In the mean time, though, make sure to check out the buri fiber owl's cousin product in the buri fiber crow that West Elm is selling for around the same price as the Pottery Barn birds. While not cheaper, it is more on the "adorable" side. Almost looks like someone dyed the bluebird that whistles "Spoonful of Sugar" for Mary Poppins, in fact. This little dude can remain out all year round in any decorative birdcages you may feel the need to display, as he may be a "spooky" color but he remains adorable overall.

Essential Crow Wreath From Williams-Sonoma
 And then, finally, there is the simple and classically beautiful crow wreath from Williams-Sonoma. All other faux crows will look utterly tacky if you don't tie them together with this amazing piece that takes wreaths to a new height of style. No longer must a Halloween wreath be a gaudy mixture of orange and black! This wreath can also be used to signal if your household is at war at the moment or not- face the bird left to signal that you are at war or face it right to signal that you are a house full of peaceful pacifist sissies (who like to decorate for fall).


  1. yessssssssss! thanks for these Halloween decoration ideas . This year’s Halloween is going to be more creative and hopefully cheap too. lol :D

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