Monday, December 2, 2013

Face Wiped

So, I am a user of "facial towelettes", despite their un-eco-friendly ways. It's the only way I can clean my face after one job, put on new make-up for the evening job (ew, that makes me sound like a lady of the night and not a retail zombie), and then be able to make sure that my face is clean before I pass out into bed. Or, if I'm not on top of things enough to remove my make-up on the car ride home, I need the towelettes for the ride to work in the morning on the days where I wake up five minutes before stumbling into my car and need to remove all signs of racoon eyes and stray brow powder. Or, hell, sometimes it's to remove the last bit of whatever face mask I fell asleep with on and didn't remember until I pulled up to work and checked myself in the mirror.

There's no other way to easily wash my skin on the go. And without stupid towelettes, my skin goes to hell.

For a good two years, my go-to was the Yes To Cucumbers wipes that I could find at almost any Walgreens or Target. They were sensitive but effective.

Or, rather, they were. They disappeared from both stores for a few weeks over the summer and when they came back... my skin couldn't take it anymore. I can't figure out what it is in the ingredients that I'm reacting to, but I'm reacting to something with a lot of burning skin. I'm worried that it's the cucumber.

So, the search for a new brand began! I didn't like the generics from Target. I hated the Neutragena. I still like the Korres and Ole Henriksen wipes, but they're way too expensive.

I ended up settling on the Walgreens generic Ology "Gently Soothing" towelettes. They don't burn my skin, the packaging keeps them moist, and they can remove my waterproof eye liner better than anything- while somehow now burning my eyelids. The only real difference in ingredients, from what I can tell, is the lack of perfume. Which I haven't had an issue with in ages, but... sure. It also helps that they're really affordable.

At least I found something, though. I was about to resort to getting baby wipes to use on my face.

Gosh, this is a boring post. I apologize.

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