Sunday, August 31, 2014

So... Into the Dalek?

I don't really want to put these new episodes in my Back to Who category. But it would be tidy to do so, wouldn't it?


Danny: I like Danny. I don't like how we went to Coupling techniques to introduce Danny.

Other Characters Introduced Here: Nope.

Clara's trousers: I want to like them. I can't like them. No go.

Plot: I liked it better when the episode was called Dalek and featured the 9th Doctor. Also, this episode might feature the stupidest thing the Doctor has ever done.

Missy: Nope.

Sonic Screwdriver: *sigh* Remember when the sonic was described as "Doesn't kill, doesn't wound, doesn't maim"?

Final Note: When the dalek said "resistance is futile", I suddenly really got my hopes up that soon the dalek would say "Love soft as an easy chair. Love fresh as the morning air" and it would be revealed that he didn't see some star being created but he saw the 1970s version of A Star Is Born, followed by some TV shows, and THAT is what changed him.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How I Spent My Summer: A Recap With Gifs

Or let's recap all the posts I would've posted this summer yet let just become drafts:

1) I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past and while I didn't hate it, I had ISSUES with it. Mainly: wouldn't it have made more sense to have Professor X be the one going into Wolverine's mind? Rather than bringing him back from the dead just to hang out and chat while things went to hell? I hated all the future stuff as it had no real tension from the moment it was revealed that there were time travel shenanigans happening and un-dead-ing people. And I feel like the 70s plot could've been better. Quicksilver was great, though, which I was not expecting.

2) Girl Meets World started airing! It's... a Disney show. At times, it's quite terrible. Other times, it's adorable. The child actors are at least better than Miley Cyrus. Their clothes are ridiculous. The boy is definitely not a 13-year-old. And I get distracted by the West Elm pillows in the Matthews family's apartment.

3) I started a thesis on my love of time travel. I stalled after reaching the part where I went "TIME TRAVEL IS THE BEST".

4) I went to Comic-Con! I could have a gazillion posts on this. I may still do that. The gist of it, though: not that many actual geeky moments. A lot of waiting in line. A lot of feeling ill. I literally laid down on the ground and closed my eyes while in line for Hall H at one point and told my friends to poke me if the line started to move.

5) I went to Tucson surrounding going to Comic-Con. I miss Tucson. Why am I not currently in Tucson?

6) I became an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. Because I like to hide my gross nails behind pretty wraps, I can't paint my nails to save my life, and nail polish comes off my fingers if I look at it wrong. Buy from me at

(not a Jamberry product)

7) I had a work retreat. I got 20+ mosquito bites. My greatest accomplishments from the work retreat: 1. A full-page doodle that I worked on for all three days while looking like I was taking notes 2. selling lots of Jamberry to co-workers after they've had drinks 3. Getting a free margarita.

8) My car tried to die on me. Starting with the A/C going out. On my way to Tucson. With 24 hours left in the drive. And two weeks left in my vacation.

9) Doctor Who came back and I was sad to not be excited.

10) I've spent a ridiculous amount of this summer lurking on Tumblr. Hence the new GIF addiction.

The End.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So... Deep Breath, huh?

Yay: Capaldi. Clara's clothes. Strax. Elisabeth Sladen's widower in a cameo.

Nay: Most of what came out of Vastra's mouth. Moffat sucking the last bit of life out of one of his last good original monsters. Clara having trouble with the regeneration despite how she knows better than any companion about the whole process and that he's been an old man before and IS an old man. That stupid t-rex. That stupid ending. Well, the whole plot really.

I'm so tired of Madam Vastra at this point. I really liked her the first two times. Not so much now. Also, while lesbianism is a novelty for Victorian England, it's not a novelty now unless you're a pervy old man, Mr. Moffat. The rest of us are used to it. Stop writing the Vastra/Jenny relationship like it's the most titillating crap in the universe. It's not. Especially not with the way the Vastra treats Jenny most of the time.

I think Strax's confusion is still hilarious, however.

Also, I dig the chemistry between Capaldi and Coleman. So, there's hope for that.
Not too thrilled about next week's returning villain, however. As they also seem to get less interesting with every re-tread as well. And Moffat has never written them well at all.

I can't believe they gave Moffat an Emmy last night. Ugh.