Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can I Just Make Up New Words For What "BB" Stands For?

Have you read the Wikipedia page on BB Cream? Where it says that someone in Korea has trademarked the word "blemish"? The world is strange. Also, seriously, it's hard to take BB Creams seriously when no one can decide on one single answer for what "BB" stands for: Beauty Balm? Blemish Balm? Blemish Base? What's happening?

You know what's even crazier? The Dr. Jart website. It gives me chills and memories of watching Resident Evil, Tim Burton's Batman, and Brazil. But with the added layer of babelfished translations.

Also, why am I using the same product that my sister's mother-in-law uses? Doesn't that sound a little crazy? She has at least 30 years on me and has been a chain smoker for most of those. Our skin has very little in common!

However, since my last BB Cream related post, I've actually started playing with the Dr. Jart BB Cream more with varying results.

So Far I've Tried:

1. Using it as a last-minute concealer/skintone evener on days where I wore no other make-up.

This seems to be the best way for me to use it. Just hide a little bit of red and pink in irritated parts of my face so that I don't look quite so bad at work.

2. As a base/moisturizer/primer under my powder foundation.

Sometimes this has been the right move (when my skin is too dry for powder to work ideally). Sometimes it's just way too much make-up happening at once (when my skin is not too dry).

3. As a concealer for cuts on my hands

I tried, at least, to hide a cut I got from some wine bottle foil at work. It did not work.

I know the experts claim that BB Cream is ideal for layering but I'm not seeing that when I try to use it for both concealing and over-all coverage. Even with a sponge. And I still hate calling it "BB cream".

Also, it makes my skin feel pretty gross by the end of the day. I try to keep a package of Yes To Cucumbers towelettes with me during the day (lately, I've been throwing them into my soft cooler with my green juices for the day) and after a day of using BB Cream, I end up wiping my face clean during my drive home.

So, basically, I've settled on keeping the BB Cream in my coat pocket for last-minute "don't look like a splotchy mess" touch-ups in the car in the morning. Which, I guess it's nice that it has SPF protection in it while it also evens out my skintone a little bit when I would otherwise never find a tinted sunscreen that could do that. Or a tinted moisturizer. But it's also far from an ideal moisturizer for me.

But moisturizers are another story for another day. I have a ridiculous collection of anti-aging moisturizer samples thanks to Sephora and I take back how much I teased my sister when she was 27 and suddenly started using anti-aging products despite looking like a 20-year-old. Because I see that crease between my eyebrows getting deeper and deeper

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