Saturday, March 30, 2013

How To (Not) Plan For Your Parents' Anniversary...

My parents' 40th anniversary is coming up this summer. Last summer, I started pestering my sister about wanting to do something for it. I wanted to gather the money to send them to their preferred vacation spot. She wanted to do a party, as it would be less expensive.

Well, a few weeks later she announced she was pregnant and our plans fizzled and/or were put on hold. She's due in three weeks. And all her extra time and money is disappearing already.

This week, my parents announced that they were already planning on going to their favorite vacation spot for their anniversary. They booked a place yesterday.

My family is really cramping my style these days.

This week I also finally found a place that will rent me an 8mm projector, so that I can digitize their old home movies from the 70s. But as my father already knows that I'm trying to do that (as I had to check with him to confirm that they were soundless Super 8 and 8mm films and not 16 mm), I know I can't just leave it at that.

And as they've already booked their vacation, I'd now just be handing them a wad of cash to pay for a nice dinner and lessen the expense of the vacation. Which would be fine if things were reversed, but I understand that my parents are, somehow, human beings with normal emotions and might actually like something a tad more dressed up.

As I started digging through countless "Ruby Anniversary Gift Ideas" and trying to copy as many addresses as I could from all of my dad's political email forwards, it started to become more apparent that I was going to need to do more than just send an email request for extra materials to turn into a gift for my parents.

... And then I started thinking about making a new blog (that they hopefully wouldn't find) to track all the progress on the project.

And then, even worse, I started to consider domain name ideas for this blog. I haven't even run most of these through to see if they are already owned or not, mind you. You'll realize why soon enough:

It seems that my "be a good kid" urges are quickly out-done by my "be a smart-ass" urges.

Anyone have any good ideas for 40th anniversary gifts?

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