Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well, That Was A Depressing Insight...

Have you ever ended up on the Hanes website looking for deals on underthings?

First, there's the annoying realization that even online you can't buy a six pack of hipsters in just one color- you still have to get a variety pack. And, even worse, you won't know what type of variety pack it will be when you get it.

Secondly, you start looking at what the other options are- which leads you to discover depressing things.

Now, you may be thinking, "Wow, you're over-reacting. They're just panties that say USA."

No. Go look at the other options given. "I Love Sailors", "Burnt Out", "I'm Your Biggest Fan" are a few choices. 

I'll freely admit that I'm a prude, but... ew. Some of them aren't so bad, but... EWWWW. How exactly did Hanes end up at the decision of, "Hey, you know what we should make as cartoony novelty panties? Ones for groupies and fleet week floosies! Because we think this is 1970. What's this internet you're talking of?"

Not exactly what I was expecting for novelty underwear from Hanes. 

Then again, I still don't know why I can't just get a well-priced six pack of dark color, no pattern, tagless, cotton briefs in a hipster cut from them. So, what do I know?

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