Monday, May 6, 2013

Fe Homo Sapien Sapien Thrice: Movie Review

Hat tip to The Mary Sue for the remix video. 
All Iron Man 3 footage in the remix is from trailers and ads.

Hey, how about a movie review? Sure! Vague Spoilers Ahoy!

Backstory: This week, the roommate revealed that she had never seen either Iron Man movie or The Avengers (outside of the hour we watched together when I bought the movie in September). But she really wanted to see Iron Man 3. BUT WE HAD NO TIME!

So, Friday evening, we watched Iron Man and then debated about watching Iron Man 2- which I insist is mostly skippable other than for the Black Widow introduction and knowing that Rhodey now has the War Machine suit. Instead, we skipped right to watching The Avengers, trying to get the best movies in before seeing Iron Man 3 at our local theater.

But then we realized that our local theater's last showing was at 10:00 pm. So we only got to exactly where we left off the last time. But she was cool with it, so I was cool with it.

We saw the movie. It was in 3-D but didn't really use the 3-D at all, as is usually the case. I think the 3-D was actually limited to only the trailers. Which... whatever. I'd much rather not have any actual 3-D after paying for it than have the terrible Hobbit situation happen again.

The movie was really good! It was very Shane Black-y. Very Lethal Weapon with science fiction thrown in. Very buddy cop movie, but as the best buddy cop movie I've seen in decades. While also really bothering to follow-up on all the shit that happened in The Avengers.

And Robert Downey Jr just acts his ass off. 

And Ben Kingsley is AMAZING. 

And Adam Pally from Happy Endings showed up! 

Also, there's a cute post-credits scene (as is expected with Marvel movies). And Rhodey is actually given shit to do! And Pepper has... some moments. I guess Pepper's plotline is better than Iron Man 2 but they still don't really know what to do with Pepper. Hell, even Happy has a big story arc now that's he's not also the director of the film.

There are things that annoy me about it- Pepper's plot and the villain backstory (I'm so sick of villains that have pre-existing ties to Tony Stark), but it was a lovely way to possibly finish the Iron Man story. Which is a lot more than what I can say for fucking The Dark Knight Rises.

Although, yes, my displeasure with The Dark Knight Rises has a lot to do with how I'm much more emotionally connected to Batman stories than Iron Man stories- but I still think The Dark Knight Rises had a lame conclusion (and beginning, and plot, and... this is not the time for this).

Anyway... I love a good early May superhero movie. Iron Man Three (as the credits at the end say) got me jazzed up and that's what counts!

In fact, the roommate and I were so jazzed up, we went home and finished The Avengers (as she kept going, "What wormhole?! What ALIENS?! What are people talking about?!) and didn't go to bed until, oh, 2 or 3 AM. Weekends are fun!

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