Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back To Who: The Plot I Keep Waiting For...

It wasn't the first time I wanted it, but it was the time I wanted it the most: when The End of Time first aired, I desperately wanted the woman the Doctor kept seeing to be revealed to somehow be Susan.

But it was nothing so continuity-filled, of course.

Part of me just doesn't understand why they haven't gone there yet in the rebooted series. In eight years, no one has bothered to even hint at what happened to Susan and it leaves me kind of miffed at times. Wouldn't it've been great to have Susan show up in the 50th anniversary? With all the references to the first episode? With all the talk of killing children?

I'd really like if, in the official canon, they would finally address the fate of Susan. Did she stay in the 22nd century with David? Did she ever regenerate? Was she involved in the Time War? Of all the companions, I've always assumed that she would be one of the easiest to bring back. Carol Ann Ford is no stranger to coming back to the show for anniversaries and, as she is a Time Lord, it wouldn't be out of the question if another actress portrayed her during her return.

I hope it comes up during the coming Capaldi era. Especially given the hints from the 50th Anniversary about future possibilities. Doubly so as in the BBC Three After Party special, the montage about the companions paired Susan with Rose and Sarah Jane. I don't think that was done lightly.

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