Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wanted! Visual Representation of the Words "Invisible", "Robot", and "Girl".

Calling All Artists!

I'm in the market for an artist to design a logo cartoon character for an upcoming re-design of this website. I had commissioned an artist earlier this year, but life circumstances got in the way of the project and she had to step away and understands that this call is going out.

The final logo will, at the very least, be on a banner at the top of the blog and will include the signature of the artist that created it. There will also be a permanent sidebar banner mentioning you as the artist of the logo and a link to where the rest of your work can be found (if you want to be found). The logo will also be used on other products relating to this website (business cards, possibly merch in the future) and the artist can/will be consulted on all future uses if desired.

The artist will also be compensated fairly for their work.

If you would like to be considered for this role, please email lamb@invisiblerobotgirl.com with the following information with the subject line of "Invisible Robot Girl Art Submission".

1) 1-4 samples of your existing work. As links or embedded in the email.
2) A brief proposal of what you would like to do for the logo (a rough sketch/ brief description/interpretive dance/ect)
3) Your quote for what you think would be a fair compensation for your work (this can be adjusted at the end of the project, if more work than expected was needed).
4) Any questions you may have about the process.

If your submission is not chosen, I claim no rights to it or any new sketches within your submission. Please feel free to use them again for another project.

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